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IRON DOORS NOW are built strong enough to pass coastal hurricane tests. Nobody can match our specifications or sell you a better quality door @ a lower price. We are so confident- If you can find another door that compares apples to apples with ours…We'll not only match the price, but also include FREE nationwide shipping on any door we have in stock.Your home deserves the BEST quality available and with our factory direct prices- It's never been easier then NOW.

Stock Doors Shipped in 48 hours !

At IRON DOORS NOW, our door thickness is 2 " (many other doors are 1- 1/2") this gives your iron door a much more substantial feel and appearance. Although presently uncertified, each of our doors is built strong enough to pass coastal hurricane tests. Whether it's exposed to sun and heat of Arizona or wind and ocean spray on the coast of Maine, it will hold up to the rigors of any environment. Our company insists that all scrollwork and designs be hand forged using solid 5/8" wrought iron stock then welds are ground and finished smooth. Many competitors cut corners by using "recycled iron", tubing and cast aluminum, but these type of materials have no place in a premium iron entry door.

All Iron Doors NOW are fully welded premium 12 gauge metal (industry standard is a thin 14 gauge), plus include a unique color matched door sweep and integrated threshold. Every double door includes decorative weather tight front T-Astragal and locking flush boltfor inactive side to make it weather tight. Completely integrated threshold makes the door more rigid- easy installation. A thermal break is an element of low conductivity placed between any two materials in an effort to stop or slow down the transfer of heat or cold from one side to the other. Our Unique rear lift and integrated rubber fan bottom shoe ensure a water and dust tight seal.

Iron Doors NOW has pre-drilled 2- holes in each door 2 1/8" x 2 3/4" Set back- measuring 5 1/2" on center for handles that are purchased separately. All the doors we make rest of beautiful fully enclosed ball bearing hinges with grease fittings and doors will be injected with Polyurethane foam of the best quality to ensure a proper seal and promote energy efficiency as well as reduce outside noise.


Every entry door made by Iron Doors NOW is finished Dark Bronze to the absolute highest standards through a unique 7 step process. Our doors are galvanized and electrostatically coated with zinc primer before painting (many other doors are not galvanized). This helps make Iron Doors NOW the most rust-resistant iron door in the industry. First we start with sandblasting to remove any impurities, second is a hot-dip galvanization process followed by an electrostatically coated layer of Zinc primer to virtually eliminate any kind of rust. Next we spray on premium grade "Nippon" Black Epoxy enamel that is baked on for 2 hours at high temperature. Finally we hand apply a copper faux finish and seal with a clear coat to ensure your door looks great for many years to come. Some homeowners choose to stay with this rich black satin finish, but a majority of customers at Iron Doors NOW opt for our standard aged dark bronze finish, for which our high quality Epoxy basecoat provides the perfect foundation.


Our entry doors incorporate a fully sealed separate swing out-unit which houses the glass. This provides easy access to the exterior glass for cleaning. One of the benefits of the 2" door thickness we use at Iron Doors NOW is that it allows us to have a flush fitting swing-out glass panel. Having the glass panel fit flush gives our door a cleaner appearance on the interior side. As for latching, we use a simple compression lock that opens with a few turns of the wrist. These are not only much more secure then an average thumb latch, but provide for a better appearance. At Iron Doors NOW, we never forget the importance of every detail.


The designs we offer at Iron Doors NOW are created to offer you a rich array of elegant styles from sleek and contemporary to elaborately embellished. We strive to make our designs proportioned and attuned to every door shape and size, striking just the right balance every time. However if there is a particular design you have in mind....just let us know. At Iron Doors NOW, we pay careful attention to every custom design aspect in order to give you lasting beauty, durability and safety that will last for years.

All our doors include a 25 year warranty & most stock doors shown are ready for immediate delivery.