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Create A Remarkable Entry With Double Iron Doors

The front entrance of your home is the focus for anyone coming to your house. Having a beautifully set of double iron doors that provide style, elegance and classic design to your home only adds to the look of your property as well as the value of your residence.

At Iron Doors Now we understand the reasons people choose wrought iron doors are not only the beauty of these doors but because of the security they offer. To provide top security features on all our designs we:

  • Only use hand-forged, 12 gauge metal in all of our iron front doors, which means these doors are constructed to last a lifetime and beyond
  • Include an extra enclosed ball hinge, with grease fitting on all our doors for ease of movement with the door without compromising on security
  • Design each door with 3/4" thick dual pane glass that is filled with Argon gas. Decorative commercial grade compression lock that will withstand up to 2000 pounds of pressure to create a weather tight seal
  • Partial thermal break to help prevent freezing
  • High levels of weather, fire and intruder resistance not possible with other door materials

Our wrought iron exterior doors are naturally resistant to all types of weather conditions. Our unique and industry exclusive Thermal Break technology on the bottom of each door will assist in minimizing or stopping the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of the door.

Privacy Features

One of the technologies we use on our double iron doors is double textured dual pane privacy glass. With the double pane privacy glass we offer twice the privacy offered by our competitors as they include clear glass in the interior. With our privacy glass there will still be natural light through the glass panels, which adds to the practical aspects of our wrought iron exterior doors.

At Iron Doors Now we also offer independently hinged glass panels that allow you to open up the windows or a breeze or to talk to anyone outside the home without opening the door. This is a great security feature for any family in any location.

At Iron Doors Now our double iron doors are really works of art for your home, but they are also designed with your family's safety and security in mind. To learn more or to ask about our designs, call us today at 877-325-9855.

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