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Beautify Your Home With California Iron Doors

A beautiful entrance to any home is a true asset. Not only does it add to the property's curb appeal, but it also makes your home distinct, unique and a home to be proud of.

There are many different choices in front doors, back doors and side doors, but when choosing iron doors in California, you have the opportunity to add beauty and also safety. With a wrought iron front door, you will have the security of a metal door while also having the style and elegance of a true work of art.

Our Doors

At Iron Doors Now we offer a full line of stock iron doors in both single and double door designs. The styling ranges from classically simple and elegant lines to more unique and ornate wrought iron design through the glass. Our doors come designed with dual pane glass that is made with your privacy in mind. It is double sided obscure pane glass, allowing light to come into the entrance while protecting your privacy.

Our entry doors feature three hinges, so they always open and close smoothly and effortlessly. They also have independently hinged glass panel which allows you to open up the panel to enjoy the beautiful breezes that are so welcome throughout the year in the areas in and around San Jose, CA.


Each of our exterior iron doors, including our stock and custom designs, are made out of 12 gauge metal. They all pass coastal hurricane tests and are built to your exacting standards. We always build to the most stringent codes in the United States, providing our customers with the safety they need in storms and bad weather.

Additionally, as an energy saving feature, we provide a thermal break at the bottom of each door. This unique design limits the loss of heat or cold air from the interior of the home, adding to the cost savings in owning our iron doors.

At Iron Doors Now we are able to provide custom and stock metal doors for any California residence. To talk to our door specialists, please give us a call today at (877)325-9855877-630-3221.


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